6 February 2015

HITEC Luxembourg announces the appointment of Philippe OSCH as Chief Technology Officer, effective 1 February 2015.

"This reinforcement of the senior management around our Managing Partner and CEO Yves Elsen supports the company's positioning in a rapidly changing market environment by securing the future orientation of the company. Our objective remains to provide the best technological solutions to our customers by delivering innovative and quality products and services", states Nicolas Comes, Co-founder and Chairman.

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19 December 2014

The Luxembourg Government signed a new agreement with the Joint Undertaking (JU) between HITEC Luxembourg S.A. and SES TechCom S.A. - in partnership with Luxembourg Air Rescue - to extend the emergency.lu rapid response solution for a duration of six years.

The success of the emergency.lu system swayed the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to not only continue the service offering, but even to extend the system. As such the number of rapid deployment kits is being augmented by ten additional terminals. These devices are consisting of an inflatable antenna plus redesigned NoSaCo® Rapid terminals which are entirely manufactured in the Grand Duchy by HITEC Luxembourg. These devices are making up the field infrastructure in case of natural or manmade disaster which require immediate intervention. The Grand Duchy is also investing in 30 new transportable or disposable antennas for long-term humanitarian missions to be used with HITEC Luxembourg's new NoSaCo® Rack.

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