Mission Critical


While waiting for our complete website, below a quick overview of our offer for Mission Critical



More than a decade HITEC Luxembourg is developing “Mission Critical” products and solutions. Our products are used for “situations where communication, collaboration and real-time situation awareness are critical for people and public safety in some of the world’s most difficult places.


Satellite Terminals for Communication


HITEC Luxembourg offers satellite ground terminals for re-establishing communications during both long term and rapid deployment missions.

The HITEC Luxembourg Satellite terminal product range is the ideal solution for rapid response usage on remote sites where immediate broadband internet access is required. Each terminal is a high-performance two-way communications providing bandwidth downlink for data, video and voice transmission. It has a pre-configured network and access control, is light-weight, easily transportable, robust and rapidly deployable.

NoSaCo® product range, an advanced version of our satellite terminal, developed for emergency.lu, a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government, SES Techcom Services, HITEC Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A., and is operational since January 2012. The main aim of emergency.lu is to re-establish communication (internet, phone) after a disaster, to support the coordination efforts of humanitarian organizations in the field and to contribute to saving lives during humanitarian emergencies.


Situational awareness software


HITEC Luxembourg Dynamic Information Sharing Platform (DISP) software is an efficient and interactive solution to obtain situational awareness and ensure people and resources safety. DIPS allows one to:

  • Remotely coordinate missions and collaborate with users
  • Organize and manage people and resources
  • Track and trace different important situational information (GPS devices from numerous manufacturers supported by DISP)
  • Collect real-time information for coordination purposes (sensors,
  • Monitor people movement to ensure safety and security
  • Report & assess situations
  • Create alerts