Space & Satellite Systems

To infinity and beyond 

For over 20 years, HITEC Luxembourg S.A. has been offering products and services for the space and satellite industries, focused on the ground segment activities.

HITEC Luxembourg is able to propose solutions starting from individual subsystems like servo kits, through stand-alone antennas and up to complete ground stations.

Our experience with public, private or governmental entities allows us to adapt our products and services to the specificities of the different space and satellite markets.


HITEC Luxembourg is offering multiple products such as complete antennas, adaptable positioners or integrable components for the space and satellite communication systems installed on the ground level.

The selection will depend on the desired application: for geostationary satellites, Limited Motions (LM) antennas are the recommended solution, whereas for elliptic, medium and low earth orbit satellites, Full Motion (FM) antennas are the perfect solution.

For large array antennas or telescopes, adaptable positioners can be proposed. Finally, all components used for the control of the positioning of our products can be ordered separately for integration inside third-party antennas or for refurbishment purposes.

Limited Motion Antennas

HITEC’s Limited Motion (LM) antennas are low maintenance and future proof antenna systems available in different diameters from 6m to 13m, designed for robust, reliable and high-performance operation for geostationary applications. The LM antennas can accommodate different feed systems and can operate at different frequencies, depending on the application.

Typical applications: HTS gateway, TT&C, IOT for GEO and GSO satellites

Full Motion Antennas

HITEC’s Full Motion (FM) antennas are designed for communicating with LEO (e.g. Earth Observation) and MEO (e.g. GNSS) satellites. The FM antennas can accommodate different feed systems and can operate at different frequencies, depending on the application.

Typical applications: Data Downlink, TT&C, IOT for LEO and MEO satellites


The positioners are meant to accurately position customer-furnished payloads on moving targets. Payloads may comprise custom antennas, arrays or telescopes, depending on the type of applications.


High-end antenna components such as Antenna Servo Kits (HASK) or Antenna Control Units (HACU) are the core elements of antennas and positioners, providing the required accuracy and positioning control to track satellites or celestial objects. The HITEC Antenna Tracking Simulator (HATS) is a simulator for ground station antenna motion as well as open- and closed-loop satellite tracking and is fully compatible with the HACU.


With 20 years of experience, HITEC Luxembourg has a confirmed expertise in design, system integration, commissioning, testing and maintenance of space and satellite systems, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, radio-frequency and service engineers.

Those competences make HITEC Luxembourg an ideal partner for multiple services in the field of space and satellite communications.

Ground station system integration

  • Delivery of complete ground stations
  • Selection and integration of RF equipment such as HPAs, LNAs, frequency converters, baseband and test equipment

Turn-key supplies

  • Factory and on-site installation campaigns and tests, supervised and performed by HITEC Luxembourg


  • Integrated logistic support
  • In-service support

Refurbishment – Retrofit – Relocation

  • Refurbishment, retrofit or relocation of existing antennas


  • Maintenance support for antennas
  • Remote support for troubleshooting
  • Preventive or corrective on-site maintenance campaigns

Custom developments

  • Customized solutions for customers that are unable to find suitable ready-made solutions on the market


Project life cycles and management standards need to be adapted to meet each customer’s needs. HITEC Luxembourg is used to providing products and services for the following markets and their specificity.

Commercial satcom

The commercial satcom application requires the provision of efficient products at minimal Total Cost of Ownership within the best possible timeframe. The conduction of those projects with mostly private companies requires a perfect knowledge of the market and requirements and the skills to achieve the objectives. HITEC Luxembourg with its quality management, ISO 9001 certification and CE certified products is able to respond to such demands.

Governmental & Defense

HITEC Luxembourg S.A. has the AQAP 2010 certification for military projects and has certified personnel with appropriate security clearances to work on critical defense projects.
HITEC has a track record in delivering projects to meet MIL standards and NATO STANAGs, such as WGS-certified systems.
With a strong European supplier base, regulatory issues are minimized and the workflows are streamlined to the benefit of the customer.


Science applications require a strong effort and a continuous collaboration to push the boundaries of what is feasible today. HITEC regularly contributes with research and development activities to Agency programmes, e.g. for ESA or DLR. On an exemplary basis, HITEC is part of the consortia for ESA’s Space Situational Awareness programme as well as of ESA’s Biomass mission.


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