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Mersch and Gousselerbierg tunnels


Tunnel security and supervision concept for the Route du Nord

HITEC Luxembourg was contracted to introduce the specific electromechanical equipment for the technical management of the Gousselerbierg and Mersch tunnels. Our company developed security concepts to assure the safety during the construction phase and of later users. The electromechanical installations, both for the tunnels and for the local control stations, comprise the following systems:

  • Supervision system
  • Control – command system (excl. lighting equipment)
  • Video transmission equipment including mast, antennas and basement
  • Ventilation and control – command system
  • Security system including emergency call stations, incident detection system, air quality control, etc.
  • Surveillance equipment of supporting equipment

A major amount of data is transmitted via optical fibers or copper cable from the technical center of the tunnels to the highway traffic information center (CITA) in Bertrange.

Christine Zimmer