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PRESS RELEASE – HITEC Luxembourg announces transition of CEO position

Yves Elsen entrusts Chief Executive Officer position of HITEC Luxembourg to Philippe Osch

Mamer, 08 June 2023 – HITEC Luxembourg S.A., a 100%-owned Luxembourg company developing high technology solutions, today announces the transmission of the operational management from long-standing Managing Partner & CEO, Yves Elsen, to his Senior Partner & COO, Philippe Osch.

The transformation is the result of a long-planned preparation between the two co-owners, where Yves Elsen retires as CEO of HITEC, handing over the company’s operational management to Philippe Osch. Yves Elsen will become Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Yves Elsen has led the expansion of the company and established it as a recognized national and international actor in the field of high technology products and services. His commitment to excellence and innovation has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Luxembourg’s technology sector and will continue to be active in promoting excellence in research and innovation. Yves Elsen is a highly recognized engineer and entrepreneur with a degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Z), an INSEAD MBA and IDP-C, and has extensive experience serving on the boards of numerous Luxembourg and international companies.

Yves Elsen, Chairman of the Board of HITEC Luxembourg S.A., says: “The transmission is a guarantee for the continuity of HITEC by the younger generation, a logical step and expected outcome of the trustful cooperation between Philippe and me. We are two like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs who strived to set an example for a remarkable governance over the last 10 years.”

Philippe Osch, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of HITEC Luxembourg S.A., adds: “I’m eager to take over the lead from Yves and continue this exciting journey together with our trusted team. I would like to thank Yves for mentoring me over the last decade and I am pleased to continue our professional endeavour.  As Chairman of the Board, his guidance will be instrumental in the company’s future success. I am committed to continuing to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.”

Philippe Osch holds a Master of Sciences in Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Z), a diploma in Technology Management from the Technical University of Delft and an executive MBA from INSEAD. After working in different consulting and management roles in the high-tech and manufacturing industry, he joined HITEC Luxembourg in 2010, where he has held various management positions. He has been serving as COO of HITEC Luxembourg since 2022 and is also a Member of the Board of Directors, bringing extensive experience and knowledge to his new position.


About HITEC Luxembourg S.A.

HITEC Luxembourg S.A is a 100%-owned Luxembourg company and offers high technology solutions covering different business areas: satellite ground segment; equipment for testing and measuring of physical properties; traffic management and mission critical. HITEC Luxembourg serves private and public sectors at a national and international level. Its business objectives, as a specialized high technology provider are to achieve a strong sustainable market position; to expand its activities at an international level as well as to promote the Luxembourg site through the realization of innovative high quality value-added products and services.

Know-how, creativity, quality and perseverance are an integral part of HITEC Luxembourg’s undertaking. Enthusiasm for technology, innovation and a life-long-learning are core elements of our company culture, reflected by our highly qualified and motivated staff.

HITEC Luxembourg is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and AQAP 2110 certified for engineering, analysis, consulting, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of systems in mechanics, electronics, physical measuring techniques as well as information and communication technologies. The company has several labels, such as “SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber” (ISO 14024:2000 Standard), “Entreprise Socialement Responsible”, Responsibility Europe, Made in Luxembourg and is signatory of the IMS Diversity Charter and the “Pacte National – Entreprises et Droits de l’Homme Luxembourg” for its commitment to contribute towards a sustainable and inclusive world.

More information: www.hitec.lu

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