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CITA Luxembourg


Traffic information management infrastructure project

CITA (the luxemburgisch traffic management center) has been realized on behalf of Ponts et Chaussées, the Luxembourg government road authorities. The project was to put in place a highway traffic control and information management system allowing monitoring the entire highway network throughout Luxembourg.

The technical concept was developed by a consortium made up by HITEC Luxembourg in cooperation with Graf & Reber Engineering (Geneva, CH). A dedicated supervision system was installed in different project phases. It consists of:

  • Control center – Technical rooms
  • Optical redundant network
  • Real-time traffic and meteorological data collection
  • Cameras for surveillance and automatic incident detection for safety
  • Control-Command and HMI for traffic operators
  • Gantries and variable message signs (VMS) for traffic information

The developed infrastructure concept is in use since 2000.
HITEC Luxembourg is since then in charge of evaluating technologies to keep CITA a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Christine Zimmer