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HITEC Luxembourg S.A. makes students discover the industry


As part of its 35th anniversary activities, HITEC Luxembourg welcomed a school class from Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer (LJBM) to bring the young talents of tomorrow the industry closer.

The students from the 2GIG class of LJBM had the opportunity to talk to the employees of the different departments for half a day and got insights into the competences, work profiles and activities of the company.

Yves Elsen, Managing Partner & CEO, adds: “As part of its CSR strategy, HITEC Luxembourg has been participating for many years in the activities of initiatives such as HelloFuture by Fedil and the Engineering Trainee Days and Job Shadow Day by Jonk Entrepreneurs Luxembourg (JEL) and supports ANEIL. It is very important to us to bring young people closer to the professions in industry. That is why it was also a pleasure for us to open our doors to the class 2GIG of the Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer!”

HITEC Luxembourg is not only interested in giving a guided tour of the company and answering the students’ questions, but also in making a practical reference to its activities. This year, HITEC Luxembourg has developed its own soldering kit.

Philippe Osch, Senior Partner & CTO, says: “The soldering kit is even greater because it is a product developed by a student for other students and we can explain many technical details practically. It also allows students to learn about various important process steps, such as precision, control and quality.”

The HITEC Luxembourg soldering kit is about soldering different elements to a circuit board in order to achieve the desired result, in this case, the flashing of small lights. The production team assists the young people and gives explanations about the different elements and imparts technical background knowledge, e.g., how circuit boards are used in the products of HITEC Luxembourg and what their function is.

Claude Christnach, Director of LJBM: “Career orientation plays an important role at LJBM. It is important for us to open the school to the outside world and to work with our external partners. This is even more true if they are located near LJBM.”

Christine Zimmer