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emergency.lu is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government and three Luxembourg companies (SES Networks, HITEC Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Ambulance), which developed the solution and have operated it since January 2012.

The emergency.lu system was created in close collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP), the global lead agency of the emergency telecommunications cluster (ETC).

Luxembourg provides the emergency.lu services as a free global public good to the humanitarian community. The same services are also offered to the population and the governments of the affected countries.

emergency.lu is a mobile, satellite-based, telecommunications platform, created to re-establish communication (internet, phone) after a disaster, to support the coordination efforts of humanitarian organisations in the field and to contribute to saving lives during humanitarian emergencies.

When disaster strikes, equipment and personnel can be deployed to the affected area by LearJet in less than twelve hours. Communication services can also be provided in the context of chronic crises, especially in very remote areas.

Christine Zimmer