At HITEC Luxembourg, we do not just pay lip service to the quality and sustainability of services and products. We actively manage quality. Our company is ISO 9001 certified for engineering, analysis, consulting, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of systems in mechanics, electronics, physical measuring techniques as well as information and communication technologies. The certification allows HITEC Luxembourg to offer its national and international, private and public client base enhanced services and quality-assured products responding to today’s ever-growing quality requirements in the field of technology.


Our company is certified for its corporate social responsibility ESR (Entreprise Socialement Responsable). The ESR certification label proofs our commitment to monitor and promote an approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in regards to economic, social and environmental dimensions of its stakeholders.



Certificate ISO 9001:2015 ENGFRDE

Certificate AQAP 2110:2016 ENGFRDE

Certificate RSE

Certificate SuperDrecksKëscht

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